To Read or Not to Read

Writer: Hazem Nabil

Since summer holidays just started, everyone will be chilling, watching movies, binging Netflix shows, and going out for a while. But Let’s face it, people who love to read will definitely go back to reading books when they start getting bored of the holidays routine. That’s why I compiled a list of books that I’ve personally read and would like to recommend to everyone. 

Category A: – The “I can’t relax; I need to be productive in the holidays” list.
1) Rich Dad Poor Dad.

This book mainly shows the way rich people and poor people view different aspects of life differently, and is narrated by the author who lived with two different dads and had to make difficult choices in his life by having to choose between the totally different advices given to him by both dads. The book has a slight twist though, the rich dad is the one who left school and furnished his skills on his own, while the poor dad is the one who had several degrees from Top-Notch universities. What’s the Key difference between them? The answer is Financial IQ. Read this best-selling book to know more about the importance of financial freedom, and why “Most A-grade students work for C-grade students” as the author says.

2) Getting More

Stuart Diamond runs the most popular course at Wharton, often ranked as the world’s best business school. This book is about the art of negotiating. You are negotiating daily. Whether it is a business deal, haggling in a market trying to get the best price on those pair of sneakers that caught your eyes, or trying to convince your friends that the holiday destination you’ve chosen is the best place to go. Since negotiation is an important thing, you should try to acquire the skills that allow you to do it right, and win every argument/ negotiation you take a part in.

3) Predictably Irrational

Liked by 95% of google users and having a 4.1/5 rating on Goodreads, this book, written by Dan Ariely, is one in which he challenges the readers’ assumption about making decisions based on rational thoughts. This book is one of a kind, behavioral economics book in which the writer who is a Psychologist and a Duke professor conducts different tests with humans to see how they react irrationally to different situations. If you like to read about the Psychology of the human brain and the different ways in which marketing and advertising works, then this book is definitely a must-read.

Category B:- The “Cut me some slack, I just wanna chill” list.

1) The Hunger Games novels 

Whether you watched the movies or not, the Hunger Games trilogy is a must read since it has many extra details that the movie casually misses out, but are a key part of the story. 

The Hunger Games universe is a dystopia set in the fictional nation of Panem, a North American Country with 12 poor districts and a wealthy capital. Every year, children are sent off from all districts to the Capital to compete against each other in a televised, brutal, deadly battle royale for their lives.

The novels were ranked second in NPR’s poll of the 100 top teen novels, exceeded only by Harry Potter. That’s how highly-ranked these 4 novels are.

The Hunger Games has 3 novels and you’d be spending a lot of time on them.

I guess that’s enough for now. So get yourself a warm cup of coffee, find a corner of the room with a dim light, put on your headphones and play some soothing background music, sit back, and enjoy the books.

Stay tuned for more book suggestions!