Hispanic Heritage Month X MW: Books

Written By Farida Abu Sulieman.
Edited By Ahmed Ashry
Graphic Designed By Maram Mohammed

From 15 September to 15 October, the world will be celebrating Hispanic heritage month. A month dedicated to honoring the influence of Hispanics, their enriched cultures, and history around the world. And till this day, Hispanics keep inspiring and impacting the world in different fields. We always love to embrace and celebrate creators and artists from different spots of the world. So, in this article, I will give you my suggestions for a few must-reads by Hispanic authors.

How Not to Drown in A Glass of Water by Angie Cruz.
The highly-acclaimed novel discusses the story of Cara, a Dominican woman in her mid-50s, standing in the face of life’s challenges and struggles as an immigrant woman. An amusing read that will make you go through various emotions and have a strong connection with its characters.

Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia.
Since Hulu plans to adapt it into a TV show, I would suggest you start reading this suspenseful novel. The story revolves around the protagonist Noemi and her thrilling journey to protect her cousin from her husband’s attempts to murder her and discovers all the secrets behind their marriage. If you’re a fan of horror fiction, you will enjoy every bit of Silvia’s novel and be on the edge of your seat, waiting for the TV series to be released.

What Would Frida Do? By Arianna Davis.
It’s undeniable that when we think about icons in art, Frida Kahlo’s name immediately pops into our minds. Frida was an exceptional person in Hispanic history with how she influenced people with her passion and masterpieces, especially women. Arianna focused the spotlight on Frida’s bold career, creating an interesting and enjoyable biography for a lot of those who read it.

My Broken Language By Quiara Alegría Hudes.
If you’re more of a non-fiction fan, I would recommend you give this memoir a try. The “In the Heights” playwright, opens up about herself, her passion for her heritage, language, culture, and embracing family. With such a unique writing style and story, you’ll love this book!

With The Fire High On by Elizabeth Acevedo.
And for all the booktok lovers, here’s a highly recommended one. This YA novel talks about Emoni Santiago who has an undying love for cooking and culinary arts. It’s centered around this passionate Afro-Hispanic girl finding her way through the struggles, trying to achieve her dreams.
I hope you like my suggestions and have a wonderful time reading these books. And if you’re a reader and have similar recommendations, don’t forget to share them with us…

If you’re not that much of a reader, you can blast this playlist on full volume instead and jam to lots of hits made my Hispanic artists.