Our Favorite Movies, Shows and Books By Asian American Geniuses

Written by Hagar Ezzo

Edited by Duha

Not many people know this, but May is known as Asian American Heritage Month! So, in order to shed some light and support some of our favorite Asian American creators, we thought it’d be a good idea to list some of our favorite shows, movies, and books that wouldn’t exist without them!

Crazy Rich Asians

You know I had to include this one, it’s just so good. A book turned movie, Crazy Rich Asians is a beautiful romance written by Kevin Kwan, and directed by Jon M. Chu. No matter which format you prefer, you definitely have to experience this one.

Crying in H Mart

This book is written by the lovely Michelle Zauner. It’s a more personal biography, covering her childhood, losing her mother, grief and acceptance, etc. While biographies may not be up your alley, Zauner definitely keeps the story entertaining and grasps her readers. Check it out!

The Summer I Turned Pretty

By Jenny Han, the author of To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before (I’m pretty sure we all know that one!). The Summer I Turned Pretty is also one of her most popular books, and is actually a trilogy. A bestselling, heartbreakingly relatable, romantic novel. I’m sold.


K-dramas are quickly gaining popularity, and Pachinko is one of the best performing ones right now. Based on the novel by Min Jin Lee, it tells the story of a Korean immigrant family who try to find success in their lives. You can stream the first season online, and it’s been renewed for a second!

Guardian: The Great and Lonely God (Goblin)

Another older K-drama, Goblin is a beautiful show with only 16 episodes, but the plot development is *chef’s kiss*. Truly asians do it best. A 900 year old warrior is cursed with immortality. There’s an invisible sword lodged in his chest which only his true love can remove, and he is forced to walk the earth until he finds her.

Always Be My Maybe

A new addition to my comfort movie list, Always Be My Maybe is a funny, relatable take on rom-coms. Is it just me, or have romantic comedies gotten kind of boring over the years? Not this one though, the intimacy and charm of the movie (plus an unexpected casting of Keanu Reeves) make it one of our favorite recent releases.

While the world of Asian American created content is one that stretches over for miles, this is a great starting point for many people who didn’t even know Asian American Heritage Month was a thing! These books, movies, and shows have been loved by so many all over the world, so definitely give one a watch or a read, you won’t regret it!