Be The Black Swan

Writer: Kenzy Hatem

Editor: Ahmed Ashry

Graphic designer: Abdelrahman Gamal

The term black swan originated from Willem de Vlamingh’s discovery of black swans in the 1600s. Prior to his discovery, everyone only knew of white swans. When he discovered the existence of black swans, it was a surprise that no one thought possible. Just like the unexpected success of many or what we call “a hit” whether in a field of arts or business. What I’m trying to say from the title is: surprise everyone by being yourself, by being one of a kind and leading your own success and believing in your own discovery.You might find a slight reference to the 2010 popular movie Black Swan, which won actress Natalie Portman the Oscar as best actress,– a movie about a ballerina struggling with her own sanity as she leads in the production of Swan Lake. The first half of becoming the black swan could be laced with existential crisis and depressive fear, yet at some point, the crisis reaches a resolve and rewards you for your patience and creativity. So do not let the fear of being different win you over. Fight against your own voice just as much as you’ll fight everyone’s voices. While being the black swan seems ridden with angst and despair, I hope I can shed a different light on the term. When you are the first of your kind, there is a certain freedom and privilege that surrounds you. For you can do whatever you wish and become whatever you choose because the restraint of having expectations from the outer world falls away. Disregard all fears of society’s opinions, hesitation of standing out and being different, being the black swan. Instead, embrace who you are and show what makes you special whenever you get the chance.