How to: Manage Online Classes

Writer: Dima Hassanein
Editor: Khaled Mohamed

Over the past few weeks, many of us have switched over to online classes. Now that we’re (hopefully) always home, most of us are a lot less motivated and much lazier. Here are a few tips on getting, and staying, motivated and on track.

  1. Discover what motivates YOU

We all have certain things that get us motivated, like watching YT vids, rewarding one’s self, etc. Learn what those things are for you and how to apply them. Getting motivated to do something is often times the hardest part, but once you actually start working, it becomes a lot easier to finish.

  1. Plan and write down your tasks

Make a to-do list with all your tasks and give yourself a small reward after completing each one. For example, when I finish studying for my test, I will take a quick nap. Or when I finish my research paper, I will have my favorite treat. When bombarded with work,  little things like this actually make a huge difference. Every time you complete a task, scratch it off your to-do list. This helps you feel accomplished and like you’re actually doing something.

  1. Don’t over-achieve

Do your work but don’t over-stress yourself. Do what you’re capable of and don’t try to overachieve when you’re already stressed. Manage your time and give yourself breaks so that you don’t exhaust yourself too early. Do your best and try to de-stress as much as possible. This is important because the more tired you are, the less focused you’ll be. 

  1. Establish a routine

Having a routine helps you know what you’re supposed to do on a daily basis or during your regular study sessions. Plan out the order you will do things in and around what time they should be done. That way you’ll know exactly how your day should go. Write down your routine and hang it up where you can regularly see it. Some people put it on their mirrors or desks. or even set it as their wallpaper.