Traverse 2023

I’m sure you’ve been hearing the word “Traverse” over the past couple of months. If you’ve been wondering exactly what Traverse is, we got you.

Powered by iSpark Egypt, Traverse is the biggest highschoolers’ summit in the MENA region—but why? Well, if you’re a student that has no clue what you want to study after high school, want to learn about a certain career, expand your circle, and/or make more friends, Traverse is the place to be.

Traverse is a two-day event happening on the 24th and 25th of February this year in Hyde Out in New Cairo. It includes plenty of features such as Career Quests, Scope Outs, University Booths, Internship Providers, Bazaar, Guest Speakers and so much more all in one place. In this article, we’ve highlighted a couple of the main features in the summit!

University Booths

Universities like GUC, MIU, BUE, UH as well as international universities such as Sheridan University are setting up booths in the event. The university representatives will be available to answer any inquiries you have.

Career Quests

Career Quests is a career coaching function where you get to attend a coaching session with an expert that will walk you through the process of figuring out your career plans.

Scope Outs

Let’s say you have an interest in studying engineering, but need to know more about the different engineering careers and don’t know who to ask. If so, this feature is for you! Scope Outs is a career mentorship feature that connects you with experts in numerous fields. There are 18 different tracks to choose from, including Health Science, Mass Communication, IT, Music, Engineering, Law, Business, etc.


You get to listen to insightful talks given by some of your favorite influencers. This year we’re hosting Aziz Maraka, Noureen Ben Halima and many, many more! You’ll also get to enjoy a live episode of El-Da7ee7 in Traverse Closing.

Internship Opportunities and Student Activities

Wheelers 7.0,  Hamleys, and Milkyway Magazine will be opening their yearly internship applications in Traverse! There will also be a selection of student activities recruiting such as TEDx Youth @ ABIS, Enactus AAST, MESMUN, etc.

Parent’s Zone

There’s a whole zone dedicated for parents with a stage tailored to fit their needs.


Traverse’ 23 has its very own bazaar, TRVRShop. Joining it are Cool Beads, Oudies, Yawza, Azha, Eddy, and a bunch more shops you don’t want to miss out on! If you would like to know more about all of these features or would like to purchase a ticket, be sure to check out iSpark and TraverseSummit on Instagram!

Written by Ghadir Ahmed
Edited by Khaled Mohamed