Twenty-two Rules for your Peace of Mind

Proceed with caution.

I am kidding, scroll with ease!

This is just a compilation of things that I learned and continue to learn each and every day. I tried to
squish them into 22 points courtesy of my age. So, prepare yourself for some harsh reality with a pinch
of dark humor as I venture into my 22nd spin around the sun.

*Cue the whistles, fireworks, and balloons. *

This is written with the best intention in mind, so keep an open mind and heart whilst reading the fruits
of experience of someone who is trying daily, to be the best version of herself.

So here is the wisdom of 8,030 days spent on this earth in just a few scrolls:

  1. Respect is key. If you want to be respected, you must first respect yourself, followed by others and eventually the respect is reciprocated.
  2. Choose your battles. Do not deliberately engage in a reeking-of-failure argument just to make yourself feel better. (No one will know if you do that every once in a while, just because).
  3. Tears are not going to dry up. We just force ourselves to stop crying and pray that the faucet will not open up in public.
  4. Flattery is the way to anyone’s heart. However, you must know if this is the person’s nature or he/she is trying to flirt. If it is the latter and you cannot accept it, set boundaries.
  5. Human beings do not weep for the dead. They weep for those who are forced to live with the absence of their loved ones.
  6. Expectations are truly the grave of trying to lead a happy life.
  7. This is not the end point. This is just a stop; we live for Jannah (paradise). We aspire to be from Ahl-Al Jannah (people of paradise).
  8. Respect socially common boundaries. Just because some people do not openly exclaim their need for some privacy or some clear-cut limits, that does not mean that you deliberately violate said boundaries.
  9. You apologize (despite not being mistaken for the sake of the relationship) once, twice, and oftentimes thrice. If you are ignored, then the courtesy extended from your part is not wanted.
  10. Balance is key, one may be crying about an unfortunate occurrence. However, this does not always exempt one from engaging in happy events. The carousel never stops turning.
  11. Stand your ground. Do not let people belittle your beliefs.
  12. Change is inevitable. Human beings are constantly changing, maybe to adapt or even survive. However, there are types of change; for better and unfortunately sometimes for worse. Try to always be among those who change for the better.
  13. It cannot be stressed enough, but choose kindness.
  14. You can only help someone who wants to be helped. Do not be harsh on yourself.
  15. Books are 100% without a doubt better than people (or at least most of them). Give it a go and pick up a book!
  16. If you feel that you cannot be yourself with distant people or even friends, then better be a loner than one who feels suffocated.
  17. A dose of spirituality a day keeps the bad things away!
  18. If you cannot surround yourself with good people, then do not surround yourself with bad ones. Yes, none is better.
  19. We do not actually get to do each and everything we want. Some stuff are just point-blank not allowed. Living and breathing is not a carte blanche for you to paint the town red.
  20. Just like John Green once said: “the world is not a wish granting factory.” Therefore, you are not going to be given everything you wish for, and that is okay. Sometimes, one wishes for things that are not necessarily the best.
  21. Someone’s success does not mean your failure. You can simultaneously be successful together and actually be happy about it.
  22. Awareness is crucial. Acknowledge your mistakes, acknowledge your deficits. Accept them, and only then will you be able to overcome them.

I don’t know about you, but I am feeling twenty-two. 🎶

Newsflash: It does not feel different. It feels okay and okay is just another one of God’s numerous blessings.

So here it is! 22 things to keep in your mind as you venture into your own adventure. If it floats your boat then that is great. However, if it does not, try to make your own list, your own set of rules and principles to abide by. In the end, any personal development you go through is just for you.

Writer: Amira ElGendi

Editor: Nour Diaa

Designer: Malak Raslan