The Art Effect

Written by Farida Abu Suliman

Edited by Duha

Art is considered an astonishing, successful, and an undeniable source of entertainment to us humans. But have you ever thought it could be connected to us with something even more than that?

Art may be connected to us in more ways than we could ever imagine. It entertains us, presents us, delivers messages and stories to us, and communicates with our minds and emotions.

For ages, art and artists have always found their way to people. They knew how to connect, with not just their eyes or how they physically see the artwork, but they also approached their inner feelings and mentalities.

The Nature of the connection between art and our emotions has been mainly positive. Art with its different forms inspires people, whether they are the creators or consumers of that art.

For instance, art can be recognized as a creative and healthy getaway for some people. The artistic activities people involve themselves in usually result in them getting more in contact with their creative intelligence and passionate selves. People benefit from the creativity in art in their daily lives. It can help them project their feelings towards something diverse, meaningful, achievable, and accepting.

And what makes art even more influential is its suitability and availability to us. As the world and its technologies develop continuously, people can get closer to different channels and shapes of art to achieve various artistic, critical, and mental aspects in their lives with its impact.

And for the most part, art can be known for being a form of self-care. Self-care is described as the practice of the act a person does to preserve and improve their mental health. Artistic activities such as painting, reading or writing stories, or watching movies can benefit your self-care process and mental health achievements. They can take your mind off stressful events and negativity and replace them with more thoughtfulness and positivity. For me, novels and movies or stories generally are the artistic substance I feel most connected to. Whenever I read my favorite novels, my energy gets boosted and I am filled with comfort and passion. What about you? Do you feel connected with a specific type of art that positively impacts your mental health and wellness?