7 Shows for The Lifeless to Binge-Watch This Summer

Writer: Johny Abi Younes

Although it is preferable to go out during summer, some people (including me) would rather stay in and binge-watch the longest shows they could find. Here’s a list, for the lifeless like me, of shows to binge-watch this summer.

1 Pretty Little Liars.

One year after the mysterious disappearance of the popular Alison DiLaurentis, her four friends: Aria, Spencer, Emily and Hanna are reunited in Rosewood, their hometown, by a psycho who’s playing them like dolls, and exposing their deepest secrets.

You might as well consider watching its spin-offs, PLL: The Perfectionists and Ravenswood.

2  Grey’s Anatomy

Welcome to Seattle Grace Hospital where five surgical interns, Meredith Grey the daughter of a surgical goddess; Alex Karev, aka evil spawn; George O’Malley, the soft guy; Izzie Stevens, the girl who made it through medical school by modelling, and Cristina Yang, the first of her class at Stanford University do their best to maintain both their professional and personal lives. But do not get attached to anyone, they might be leaving soon.

3  Game of Thrones

Although Game of Throne displays adult content, it has one of the greatest storylines where the kings of the different kingdoms as well as the daughter of the last defeated king, fight to conquer all of the seven kingdoms and reunite them.

4  Friends

Three females and three males share an apartment and face their lives in New York. This hilarious show can make everyone laugh, even the most depressed ones.

5  Once Upon a Time

Emma Swan, who is nothing but an ordinary woman, finds out she might be the daughter of Snow White and her prince charming that was sent away before Evil Queen could cast a spell to freeze the fairytale world.

6  The Vampire Diaries

Elena, who’s still grieving about her parents’ death in a tragic car accident, finds herself drawn to the new student, not knowing he is a vampire who’s trying to live peacefully with humans while he’s on a war with his brother, who is as violent as all vampires, for the souls of the town’s citizens.

7  Private Practice

Dr Addison Montgomery, a neonatal surgeon, runs away from a love triangle with her ex-husband and his new girlfriend and moves from Seattle to Los Angeles to work at the clinic run by her best friends.