To All The Dreamers, Keep Glowing

Writer: Hania Mostafa

Editor: Khaled Mohamed

To all the dreamers,

To all the hopeless romantics,

To those who look at the stars at night and wish,

I see you.

I feel you,

And I appreciate you.

You are the ones with starlight in their eyes 

You are the ones who have the moon as their best friend

You stay at night and wish, don’t you?  

That’s your power 

You’re the builders of tomorrow 

What is a future without wishes? 

What is a future without hope? 

Hope may be a double-edged weapon, but we still can’t live without it in our hearts.

You’re the ones who never get sick of looking at sunsets or sunrises, even if you’ve seen them a hundred times. 

When you’re asked “Why do you want to see this again? You already saw it before” 

You say, “Every day, every second, there’s a change. I haven’t seen the sunset on a beach. I haven’t seen the sunrise with my favorite person. I haven’t seen the sun reflected on the eyes of the person I love” 

And after this answer, no one can say anything. We should just stand in awe of how appreciative you are of every small, beautiful thing. 

I mean, if you can’t dream anymore, then what is keeping you going? 

If you can’t dream everyday that you achieve something, then what are you even doing? 

When you say that you want to fall in love and explore the world with the person you love, people tell you to be realistic

But you know what? Don’t be realistic. You’re special. You’re the one who can be spotted with teary eyes as if you’re on the verge of crying, but in reality it’s not about crying. It’s about feeling. It’s about feeling everything in your beautiful, imperfectly perfect heart. This spark, these teary eyes are your treasure, your weapon. 

So to every person who’s in love with the smallest things in life

To every person who looks at the stars and dreams

Don’t change. 

Keep your spark.