Being a Freshman in High School

By: Hanna Khalid

Photographer: Nagham

“Good morning class, I’m your new English teacher. It’s just the first day of school, therefore we won’t really have that much homework. I’ll just assign the first 15 pages of the story in your literature book, you know, something very simple- just a light homework.”

Being a high school freshman isn’t like what you think:  going to parties, hanging out with friends, dressing however you like, and finding your prince charming. Unfortunately I’ve to prove you wrong. High school is like a blank canvas. It’s the year were things get more challenging, and more effort must be put out. It’s okay if you have no idea what you’re doing, or why you are here. That’s basically how your entire life will be. The moment you start high school you don’t really get to gather your group of friends and sit at lunch and all this middle school stuff. You get to notice that your friends, even your close ones, are changing.

Sad news is, you don’t get to be the Regina George of your school.

Different events in high school are more likely to teach us life lessons, aside from the lessons you’re taught in classes. You get to understand that nobody stays the same, eventually everyone will change.  Your responsibilities pile up.

It’s not like middle school when you don’t study you can still pass. High school, despite how much we hate it, it counts greatly. Not just grades, but the process as well, what you’ve learned from teachers’ advice, trusted adults, friendships, and relationships. We get to learn from our mistakes, until we define a better future for ourselves. A quick friendly advice for high school freshmen and incoming freshmen: please just focus on your grades, anything else can wait. Your future is way more important.