The Day you left Everything Behind

Writer: Asmaa

It’s crazy how someone who used to be a huge part of your life, can be gone in a second. They just leave without looking behind, without looking at how those who they left behind, those who they abandoned are suffering. Do they know it hurts? Leaving us alone, lost in the memories we shared, and the past we had. I wonder if grandma knows that. If she knows that it wasn’t easy for us, for me.

I was never really a person who cries in front of anyone neither was I good at sharing my feelings. I hate it. I hate not being able to talk, to let words flow out of my mouth when they have to. I don’t know why but I hate the fact that for some reason I feel like I can’t trust anyone with whatever feelings I have.

But what I do know for sure is that death takes the body. God takes the soul. Our minds hold the memories. Our hearts keep the love. Our faith lets us know that we’ll meet again. Because everything has an end, and no one knows when they will leave everything behind.