Summer Book Recommendations

Are you getting ready for summer vacation? Or are you already free? Are you seeking some light books to start the summer with? Some fluffy reads to make your days brighter and your heart lighter? If so, this is for you.

The Following is a list of three books that are full of summer vibes, comic banters, swoony moments, and just pure bliss. These books are guaranteed to make you laugh out loud and make your heart grow two sizes too big

Practice Makes Perfect (When in Rome #2) by Sarah Adams:

Newly published, Adams continues to wow us with her relatable characters, her flow of writing, and the fact that her books can be devoured in one sitting. You may have heard about her on booktok, she is the infamous author of The Cheat Sheet and many other gems.

This book is a sequel to When in Rome, it follows the story of Annie Walker who wants nothing more in life than a nice partner to complement her slow and steady life, selling flowers in Rome, Kentucky. However, after a terrible dating experience where her date dooms her boring, she has confidence issues. Enter Will Griffin, a bodyguard, head of Amelia Rose’s music sensation-security team. He is tattooed, he reeks of trouble, and he has a crush on Annie, which she may or may not reciprocate.

Therefore, they strike a deal, he will be her dating coach to help her with her goal of finding a nice man to settle with even though he does not believe in love courtesy of a childhood trauma. During the course of their deal, they bond and form a tight friendship. However, this friendship is soon blurred as they find themselves head over heels with each other. This book is a light read, perfect for the start of summer and to get over any readers’ block.

Merritt and Her Childhood Crush ( Oakley Island Book 2) by Emma St Clair:

This second chance at childhood first love is everything you want and more. It has comedy, closed doors romance, banter, a hotheaded main female character, and a male protagonist who grunts instead of talks. Merritt escapes her corporate life after her boyfriend cheats her out of a promotion and cheats on her with her colleague. She decides to escape to the island to overlook the renovations on her late grandmother’s estate.

However, she finds that the contractor overseeing the project is her childhood first love. Her first heartbreak. Thus, Merrit tries to stir away from him. Spoiler alert, she cannot. However, she must keep in mind that Hunter has a daughter and that she cannot risk a new heartbreak while she is still licking her wounds.

This book is the perfect combination of an island beach-y vibes with a small town romance ambiance and a lovely array of secondary characters guaranteed to make your day. Ah yes, you will finish it in a day.

The Roughest Draft by Emily Wibberley and Austin Sigemund- Broka:

Spoiler alert; This book is for all the angst lovers out there. It is heavy, lovely, full of tension,
lyrical prose, and conflicted characters. It is the whole package and then some.
Katrina and Nathan were a co-writing couple. However, suddenly their partnership ended on bad
terms without divulging any reasons to the public. Nevertheless, they are forced to reunite for
one last book as per the contract. So, they reunite in a home in Florida to write a romance novel.
The weather is crackling with heat and the sparks between them keep on flying. Will they be able
to work through their differences and complete the book or will they break the contract along
with each others’ hearts?
This book is filled with tension, banter, and angst. It is almost a dramedy with an impeccable
style of writing that makes you sail through the book in a day. It is the perfect summer read.
So that is it. Three books to start your summer vacation right. They have comedy, romance, and
tension. They are the perfect books to complement the summer’s heat.

Written by: Amira El Gendi

Editied by: Habiba Sullieman