Reading Slump: A Reader’s Worst Nightmare

Written by Rahaf Hossam

Edited by Ahmed Ashry

To all readers struggling out there, this article is for you!

You’re currently reading a book. You’re enjoying this book so much and it’s slowly becoming a new favorite; the characters feel like family, the world fits you better than your home does, and you wish you could live the storyline yourself.

You finish the book with a huge smile on your face, but a sad heart because you have to say goodbye.

You want to pick up your next read, but it seems your heart hasn’t left the last book yet, it seems that every other book feels mediocre. Consequently, you end up in what is called a “reading slump”.

Of course this is not the only way we end up in a reading slump, but it’s one of the biggest reasons.

So, let me tell you a few tips and tricks to get out of this nightmare successfully, and start reading again.

Reread an old favorite

– By a “favorite” we in no way mean that you should reread the last book you finished and loved, but you can read a book you loved a few years ago.

The purpose of this tip is to nurture the nostalgia for reading; it’d be easy to read a favorite again because you missed it, which will make the process of getting back into reading other books much smoother.

Read/watch book reviews on goodreads, bookstagram or booktok.

– These reviews usually include A LOT of love for a specific book/books, and this love can be a bit contagious.

Also, you can usually find the themes and tropes of books in the reviews, so you can search for one that suits your taste!

Try reading a new genre

-One of the things that could have led to a reading slump is that you got bored of a certain genre. For example, if you always read Rom-Com, you might end up lovesick. So, you can try other genres like Fantasy or Horror to increase your Adrenaline level, and you can even find a new favorite genre in the way!

Try reading a book by your favorite author

– We always have at least one author that has a special place in our hearts, and their books feel like a haven. Therefore, picking up one of their books can help open your heart up for reading again.

Take a bookshelf tour

-You know this beautiful bookshelf you have? The view itself is enough to immediately get you back into reading, but if somehow it wasn’t, skim through the titles you own; you’re more than likely to find your match there!

Listen to an audiobook

-Did you fall into a reading slump because of work or studies? Because you simply didn’t have time to properly sit and read a book?

Audiobooks are magical in this situation, you can be working or taking a quick break from work, and you just press the play button and enjoy the charming book narration, and so you’ve read at least a chapter!

Set a daily reading goal

– You can set a daily goal of reading 1 chapter a day, or even 1 page a day. One by one, you’ll be proud of yourself for achieving this small goal which will motivate you to increase your target. And who knows, for you might coincidentally get immersed in the book and forget all about the small goals.

You don’t have to read

-Last but definitely not least, if none of this works, it’s okay; nothing is wrong with you! Take all the time you need, until a book will call for you itself.

These tips can work differently for everyone. Personally, nothing works best for me but browsing my bookshelf and waiting patiently for the right book. But, I recommend that you try the 8 tips above to find the one for you, and most importantly, don’t give up on reading as one’s life without reading is flavorless.

“May the books be in your favor!”