A Replicated Scenario

Writer: Menna Kalboush

Editor: Khaled Mohamed

I’d like to remind myself of how lucky we were to have had any time with each other at all.
The night we met, I was able to see the breathtakingly beautiful days that awaited us. I pictured the both of us wandering around those places when we were still the best of friends, and the image kept hanging on the walls of my heart.
I’d also like to remind myself that at some point, whether I like it or not, I have to face the music! That simply means I have to give up on delusions. Actually, we all do; we all have to open our eyes wide. Because eventually, no matter how many times we turn a blind eye to it, the truth will surface. And no matter how hard it is to get struck by that thing you’ve been running away from, you’ll simply have to wake up one day.
The truth I was struck with this time was that we’re all caught up in this daily trap of constantly meeting strangers and letting them in. But in the very end, they slip away to become strangers again!
So maybe, we were always meant to stay miles apart. Maybe our time together was meant to be short, but at least we managed to plant roots of love deep in each other’s hearts. It hurts how we used to wander around streets together, and now we may pass each other on them and not bat an eye.
So I’ve stopped reminiscing about memories. Because the happiest of them bring along the saddest of feelings. And because you may have given up on them too.