Meet Ramez Rizk

Video Introduction:

Writer: Shahi Ezz El-Din

Meet Ramez Rizk; a seventeen year old ambitious actor, filmmaker, director, producer, and science geek. Ramez has entered the Breakthrough Junior Challenge this year. He is the only Egyptian that has made it to the top 30 ever.

If he wins, he’ll be the first Arab, middle eastern, and Egyptian to achieve this Rank. The Competition is powered by Mark Zuckerberg, and winning it will allow Ramez to earn a scholarship in any college he chooses around the world, it will also allow him to be amongst the Hollywood filmmakers and enrich his early career learning from the best actors and directors in the world. But just like every Sat student, Ramez’s chance to study in the college of his dreams is dimmed due to the college board’s decision to cancel trials and postpone exams in Egypt. It might be his only chance of getting the opportunity to pursue his passions.

In this link, you will find Ramez’s video on Facebook. Watch it, interact with a like and a share, and it will count as a vote! Easy isn’t it?
But time is running, and the deadline is on 20th September, but we can make it happen, I’m sure we can. Because supporting local artists is what we’re all about. Support Ramez Rizk and help him win this competition for Egypt, for Arabs, and for the sake of art.