The Moments We Live for

Writer: Menna Abdelfattah

Editor: Abdulelah Ba Tarfi

Did you ever devote a certain period of time to spend wholly with your family? Many of us, myself included, don’t- at least not anymore. A lot of us feel that family time can be delayed because work or playing is more important. Some of us even feel that family time serves no purpose whatsoever. 

 However, I started exerting an effort to spend time with my folks and let me tell you this: Family time is the most meaningful time you’ll ever have the chance to spend. As I connected with them, the vigorous bonds we formed shaped me into who I am today. These bonds stay with us throughout our lifetimes, giving us an incessant sense of belonging and security. 

 Family time is also essential the other way around. Aside from the invaluable bonds formed, to appreciate the differences in each family member and to recognize the uniqueness of every person satisfies each family members’ pride. 

 Now that we know how important family time is, I’d like to suggest a few tips to make the most out of your time with your family: 

1 – Tame the beast that is your phone.  

2 – Find ways to spend your time together as a family group. For example, you could share meals without the distraction of the television or cell phones, or share news on the others’ lives. 

3 – Participate in sports or traditional games (e.g. play cards). 

4 – Spend holidays together and/or share hobbies. 

5 – Movie nights. Movie nights are sacred because most often you don’t focus on the movie itself, but on everyone else’s reaction – apart from the laughs and chills you share throughout.  

 To sum it up, you SHOULD spend time with your family. Don’t waste the opportunity, for those times will be the memories that get you by your dark days. You will conquer your rough times only if you found your family supporting you and sticking with you till the end.