Love: A weird thing

Writer: Marwan Mohamed

Love, love is a weird thing. It has the ability to destroy a life, but it also has the ability to build one. Being in love isn’t a choice, you don’t pick someone and cross your fingers and hope it’s going to work; the best love is unexpected. Being in love isn’t a rush of emotions, it’s more of a steady stream. Being in love is effortless, it won’t feel as if you’re fighting everyday to get some attention. Love is very strong, it can push you to do wonderful things, just to get to that person. It’s going to make you turn into a better person.

Most of us seek love and try to find that special person, we’re trying so hard to the point that it makes no sense anymore. We look for love at every stranger; we try so desperately to know how this feeling feels like. Well you won’t find love that way, in fact, you won’t find love using any way. You just need to wrap your head around it. You can’t pick someone to love; it doesn’t work that way.

You could‘ve known someone for only a couple of months, and be in love with them. You don’t have to know someone for years to decide. Love requires a leap of faith, it’s either that there will be someone waiting for you at the end of the fall to catch you, or there will be none and you’ll hit the ground and break. Love isn’t always good; it can hurt you in countless ways. It can destroy you. But love isn’t that bad too. Having someone is a great thing, someone who you can run to whenever life fucks you up; someone who you know that you can be your own true self with without being  judged or without them leaving, having someone constant, someone who is going to be whatever you need, whenever you need.

The chances of you finding someone who loves you back are very low, so, what’s the point of saying no to someone who loves you back? You’re worried about getting hurt? You’re worried that it won’t last? You’re worried about your parents? You’re worried about someone’s feelings? Fuck it all. We’re young; we make mistakes all the time. But, saying yes to someone who loves you and you love back, isn’t one of those. Even if it won’t last and you both know it, it’s a chance to push you into being a better person at the time of the relationship; it’s a chance to be happy, to be loved.

I’m not here to tell you how to find love, how it feels, or how to deal with it. I’m here to speak out of experience, and believe me, if it’s love, it’s never going to be a bad experience. Don’t turn down love when it comes knocking on your door, you’re going to regret it.