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Writer: Sara Mohamed

Money (n): A manipulative drug that causes depression, loneliness and loss of mind and senses; only smelled and seen by the materialistic type of species.


Do you ever lie in bed, wondering with eyes wide open in surprise, how blind and disorientated humans can be sometimes? If you look at this situation closely, you will realize that these little, coloured pieces of paper are becoming the head of the army; that these small, but powerful numbers, are becoming a priority and an inaccessible destination to us people; that these simple, yet complicated pieces of metal, are luring and tricking us into an optical illusion with their two faces; that we are ruled by our own creations.


With money in your hands, you’re automatically put on a thin and brittle string, trying to balance out its weight between happiness and greed. While greed is pulling us to its side like a magnet, happiness seems to attract its viewers with its light which far more bright than the sun of our sky. Unfortunately, most of us fall into the hole of greed, as the continuous falling makes its winds feel like a bed to its owner. It is a tragedy that money can truthfully cause a person to smile, but it’s even more important to mention that it is definitely not the only way to aim for happiness. If you look back at the times where money still did not exist, what made them happy? Not an iPad or expensive dress, but the fact that their families were around them meant the world to them. Back then, they valued health; taking every bite of their hardened bread with full appreciation and thankfulness.


As long as you’re breathing and healthy, money should not have a huge value to your soul. Instead, value the things money cannot buy; the things with limited time of existence. You could work your whole life and make oceans and mountains of money, but what about the time you could have spent with your family, the times no earthly money will be able to get back? What about your children that might have needed your advice or just your presence several times, but found nothing but your back turned on them? Is that really what you call happiness? We have our eyes on the path leading to happiness while walking in the opposite direction. All your nightly planned shortcuts to happiness after success are an illusion. All the money you have made will fade one day, and believe it or not, you are going to regret your decisions and actions. Money is not everything, but unfortunately, to our minds, it is.