The Best friend Factory


By: Habiba Hegazy

The Best Friends Factory.

Be, be, be my BFF

‘Cause IDK what’s coming next

And I’ll be LMHO with the rest


-bella throne, BBB my BFF.

Best friends has been something we all look for in schools, clubs, and neighborhoods. They aren’t an easy plate to be laid daily on your dinning table; there’s a whole long recipe and stages. This doesn’t count on your kindergarten best friend, you probably became besties because you like the same cartoon.

Welcome to the behind the scenes of our factory, here are the stages a human being go through to be qualified and certified to be a best friend.

1. The Meeting Table.

Your friends tell you about their friend that is so like you, that you guys could be best friends. You meet that unrevealed-new half alien half human- living thing. Now you got to analyze them from head to toe, do they really approve to be your best friend?

2. Social Media

It can vary from Facebook, instagram, Snapchat, to WhatsApp. Several meanings of human communications can connect you two after your meeting table is over. A follow request or a DM could be enough. Now since you guys now have invaded each other’s internet bubble, you have a chance, maybe a reply

“ I’m in Cfc”  to a “ where are you from?” Instagram story and she’s there too in Cairo Festival City.  Viola you’ve easily achieved your first hangout.

3. OMG we hate the same b*tch!!

Now the part “where you discover you are so much alike” steps in. Series, music, movies, maybe even food could be your meeting point. Sometimes it’s a bigger matter, like broken hearted or dumped. Whatever the hell it’s just a place where you guys could meet there equally. This allows more conversations to blow up.

4. It’s 3AM and I am crying

We all know that a real best friend means heavy load shit and emotions are involved into their relationship, hence when I am facing a crisis or some emotional catastrophe, you should be standing on the doormat hitting my door bell. Simplifying matters, it’s a time when everyone is asleep but I am in a bad mood, I am crying, I just got my heart beaten up , and I need someone here. Now that makes up a great chance for you to show up as my savior.

Once you have been involved with the mess of emotions I own, you are one step away of becoming my best friend.

5. You are the cherry to my pie.

Now that this creature has scored most of the previous stages, they are qualified and certified to be your BESTIE. They’ve seen your ugly naked soul at night and stayed. They’ve seen you in your blues and stayed. They are the cherry to your pie. You’ve found someone to be your soulmate.

But does it stay forever? Stay tuned for my next article.