By: Pasant Essam

“You took me from my family , you took me from my friends. You took me from my loved ones, you took me for no end..”

And i wait every second of the day just to hear from them but they forgot all about me. You cause so much pain i can’t feel anymore. You ruined me to no repair.

I feel the need to lay down , as I slowly melt into the sheets , thoughts swirling through darkness; Questioning .. ‘Does he miss me like i miss him?’

‘Did she get a new best friend’ ‘Am I a good daughter so far’ ‘Is it another year with a new house, new people and a whole new page?’

I can’t find my home, I’m lost,I can’t find what I’m looking for, I’m so lost i feel like i don’t belong. You caused this. My heart has learned to not love too much for it’s afraid to leave it’s people again. They started questioning, why don’t I care enough. They don’t know that you’ve ruined me thoroughly i can’t look into their eyes more than 10 seconds, afraid ill get attached.

But I’m learning. Im learning to love. Im learning to care. Im learning to get attached because life is too short to live in my fears. But one thing i failed to learn, was to call somewhere My Home..