Warm winters

Writer: Malak Amin

Winter nights can get really cold, harsh and lonely. You can be gritting at your teeth from how cold it gets. So, let me help you warm up!

1. Surround yourself with loved ones:

Call your friends over for a movie night, gather for dinner, and be around each other. That at least is an occasion that will warm up your hearts.

2. Fashion? Pfft, What’s that?!

As long as you’re covered from head to toe with all soft and comfortable clothes, gloves, socks and boots, you’re doing fine! Make sure you’re all warm, and then you can sync the matching colours.

3. Get yourself into the Christmas vibes!

You heard me! Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way! Get gifts for your friends on Christmas nights; a genuine gift and a big smile will warm anyone’s heart. Ho ho ho.

4. Get some “me time”

‘Me time’ is obviously all about you. Take your time to pamper yourself with a hot fresh bath, face masks and other stuff. Treat yourself to dessert every once in a while, you can thank me later 😉

5. Food

Aaaaaah, my friends, the hot cocoa tingling through your throat, might be the winner in winter.

Winter isn’t as harsh a season as it seems. Open your curtains and watch the rain as it drops while holding your mug, maybe with some slow, calm music too. I don’t think it’ll be so harsh when you do that.

Maybe you don’t actually hate winter; maybe you just hate the loneliness. So, don’t spend your winters alone, be with your loved ones.