The Unspoken rules of Texting

Writer: Johnny Abi Younis

With the rise of the Internet and social media in the mid-2000s, calls have been
rendered obsolete, with people instead opting to text one another as a more
convenient and expressive method of communication. But just like any other
form of communication, texting comes with its unspoken rules that make the
conversation flow better for everyone involved. Here are a few of these rules that
you should always keep in mind:

1– Leaving someone on seen. It’s pretty simple. When you’re in the middle of a
chat with someone, do not leave them on seen, especially after they asked you a

2- Forcing a conversation to continue. If someone keeps sending you “lol” or “ok”
or just laughing emojis, they are screaming “The conversation is over.”. You really
don’t need to try and open up a new topic. You will seem annoying and needy.

3- Back-to-back texts. Whenever you’re texting someone, don’t consider sending
more than 2 or 3 back-to-back texts because it gets annoying. It makes it seem
like you’re self-centered by not giving the other person a chance to reply. But it’s
just plain infuriating when you split one sentence into 3 messages. On a side note,
sending a 500-word essay in a casual convo is a worst-case scenario.

4- Disappearing after a text. Texting someone and then disappearing even
though they replied within a minute shows you’re impolite. Also, don’t send
someone a dramatic message claiming you’re in trouble, then fall off the face of
the earth leaving them worried what happened to you.

5- Spam. “Send this to ten friends for 7 years of good luck. Ignore it and your
mom will die in 365 days.” Uh yeah, my mom has already died thousands of times
because I ignored these. I mean why does anyone believe these?

6- Drunk Texts. No, Amanda has a boyfriend now, she got over you. Your best
friend knows how much you love him. And I bet you wouldn’t want to send
something to your mom that screams “MOM I AM DRUNK.” And people say don’t
drink and drive, but I’d like to say don’t drink and text.

7- Texting the same person from different apps. This one is just simply annoying.
You don’t have to keep going back and forth on WhatsApp, Messenger, Instagram
and so on when chatting with ONE person about ONE subject. Like why even do
that?! It’s completely unnecessary!

And even after reading this article, you’re still probably going to break some (if
not all) of these rules, especially while texting your best friend. Because friends
simply exist to annoy each other.