Beach Essentials

As we all enjoy our summer vacation with long days of salty water and sand, there are always things we have to make sure are always with us. In this article, we’ll tell you the essentials that should always be with you when enjoying yourself at the beach.We will be adding links for some suggested amazon products that you can check out! By doing so you’ll be aiding us financially with no extra costs on you.

SPF (1/11)

That should be the first thing on your list. When spending a very long day at the beach, it’s only normal that you’re exposed to the sun. The problem with that is the dangerous UV rays. This is why you should always have your sunscreen or sunblock to make sure you’re well-protected.

Tanning product (2/11)

We all love a bronzed color to our skin in summer. Pick out your favorite tanning oil or balm to reach the desired effect. However, for your safety, don’t apply too much and don’t stay in the sun too long while you have your tanning product on.

Lip moisturizer (3/11)

As uncommon as it sounds, it should definitely be a beach essential. Given that sun exposure, your lips need something to make up for the sun just as much as your skin does.

Hat (4/11)

Whichever type of hat, make sure you have one to further protect your face from the intense sun exposure.

Towel (5/11)

You should always have one at the beach, so that when you come out of the water, you don’t feel cold nor stay wet.

Water and drinks (6/11)

Stay hydrated. Always. Even at the beach, try not to be too distracted that you don’t drink any water, especially with the sun exposure.

Snacks (7/11)

If you’re a fruit person, pack some in a box and snack on it throughout the day. If you’re a chips person, go get a few bags from your nearest market or even leftovers, just make sure you have something to keep you fueled during your time spent having fun.

Speakers (8/11)

Is it even a full beach day without some music? Grab your speakers with you and turn on your favorite songs to tune to them with your friends and family.

Wallet (9/11)

You can’t go anywhere without your wallet—including the beach. You’ll need it at any given moment. Make sure you have it in your bag.

Phone pouch (10/11)

Sand. Water. Heat. You need something to protect your phone, for sure. Go get those plastic sealable waterproof pouches—it could even help you go underwater with your phone to take some very cool pictures to capture your favorite moments.

Book (11/11)

For all of you book lovers, reading a book while being surrounded by the salt air and the waves’ sound, seeing the beautiful blues of the water, it’s an out-of-this-world experience.

Finally, we wish you an amazing summer with your friends and family!

Writer: Ghadir Ahmed
Editor: Habiba Sullieman