Celebrating Eid, Celebrating Family

Written By Mustafa Hano

Edited By Ahmed Ashry

Eid al-Fitr is finally past us, following a long 30 days of fasting, then a long 3 days of feasting.  Where families came together telling stories from the holy and spiritual month of Ramadan, clad in new Eid clothes, with nothing but smiles, kahk, eidaya, and love.

Taking in this magical occasion, one can feel nothing but the upmost gratitude for what they have now. Your closest ties with family and friends have made you the person you are. And after a long month of introspection towards yourself throughout Ramadan, it’s time to enjoy and celebrate with the people that got you here, the people who were in your life even when it might not have been the best, people who were patient with you and have seen you grow as a person. People who, through thick and thin, have sought it out till to this day. And who would that be if not your family, and the prized relationships that you need to keep close and celebrate.

To all the close family we hold dear, come out of Eid grateful for them. Grateful to your siblings who you shared a whole childhood with, knowing that you have that kind of love that only comes from sharing the same blood. Be grateful to your parents who picked you up when it was rough, who put food on the table and always held a good future for their kids as their #1 dream.

A special treat goes out to your grandparents, your founding fathers. Time spent with your older family is that of gold. Though when visiting them it’s difficult to deal with the copious amounts of food and sugar. However, it’s totally worth it, Eid is literally A FEAST! So be grateful to your grandparents because, in so many ways, especially behind the scenes, they miss you.

So, we hope everyone could get the chance to have a much-needed heart to heart with Grandma and Grandpa, update them on what’s going on, and have a laugh. You’ll both love it.

Eid is much more than food and festivities; Eid is about heritage and identity. Your identity seen in all your family. That shared kin is a bond stronger than steel. The bond with your family, close and far is special. Celebrate it and even when there is ill will, leave it on the door, let the spirit of Eid bring you closer, not farther. Because where in the world would you be if not for your family.

Some might take all this family talk as cliché, but the happiness of Eid, the spirit not only of your family gathering, but the spirit felt through the entire of the Muslim community really is magnificent.

From the heart, we wish that you had not only the best of times, but strengthened the most important of bonds with your family. That being said, Eid Mubarak and to many more!