The Way to Light

Writer: Rawan El Shiwy

I think one of the most underrated topics among the youth is wellbeing. Yes, wellbeing. That tucked away piece of mind and consciousness in all of us that guides us to either light or darkness, right or wrong. It can lead us to either creativity or discouragement. We often forget, or rather neglect. that sensitive part of ourselves, but isn’t it rather irrational to put aside the only thing that keeps us sane? 

We often only categorize actions as appropriate or not based on our religious beliefs, our own reinforced convictions, or upon our humble conscience. The shattering truth we all eventually come to understand and absorb is that nothing about this world is fair and that nothing is what it seems. When this realization dawns upon you, you become as free as a bird. You’ll know that you have reached this stage of maturity when you don’t believe just one side of the story. When you don’t seek conclusions. When you move on with your life and work on your future. 

But how exactly does this all connect to our scared wellbeing? As we grow older, more specifically during early adulthood (teenagerhood), we clash with these odd revelations. This clash, in turn, can have a blooming or destructive effect on the subject. It’s all up to each person out of the 7,714,462,150 billion people in the world to decide which side shall dominate them. The light or dark, the truth or the lies. But most importantly of all, they need to learn how to deal with the urgently raging waves of thoughts, and finally reach the light.