Putting Myself First

Writer: Rawan Elkahky

This summer I started putting myself first in all aspects of life, and a lot of things changed. Doing this whole journey was really hard for me at first, as I’m such a softie and I love to make everyone around me happy. So this whole putting myself first has taught me everything that happens outside my comfort zone. So allow me tell you all about the things that impacted me or I learnt from this epic journey.

1- Saying No

I learnt how to say no. and this is a big one for me. I’m a huge people pleaser; I find myself saying yes to everyone and then realize how miserable I become because of it. Saying no can sound mean and harsh, but also saying yes to everyone around you is you being mean to yourself. It is okay to feel a little selfish sometimes. It’s not something you hear often but it is true. If you have people that genuinely love you, they will always understand why you’re saying no.

2- Gaining confidence

This is the most important one. During this whole process I decided that I needed to focus on me and the things I wanted to improve. I decided that I need to work on myself.  This new profound confidence was liberating. I read a bunch of books and articles on how to love myself. And when I finally did, it was life changing for me. I started seeing the good in myself, more than the bad. Confidence is something you have to work on every single day until it blossoms and you’re happy within yourself.

3- Losing friends for the better

Not everyone you lose is a loss. During this process you start being more aware and you realize everything happening in your life. Things become so much clearer. It opens your eyes on who or what is contributing to your well-being, happiness and health. You acknowledge who is lifting up your spirits up and who is dragging them down. Cutting off friends from your life can be really uncomfortable and hard, but after all life makes you uncomfortable when it is time for you to change. Therefore, you have to cut off toxic people or even friends you don’t feel comfortable talking to anymore.

I hope these tips gave you the opportunity to know how much power and control you have over your life. You are the only one that can make your life better. So start doing what you are comfortable with.