Moving On

Writer: Nayirah Salem

We have all been through some downs in our life; we all get exposed to pain and sadness. You can’t be a teenager without being exposed to some mental or emotional pain throughout your stage of adolescence. These downs are never to break us; instead, they built who we are and they gave us experiences that shaped our personality. It hurts, I got that. But still, life is an unstoppable train, which has wheels that won’t be broken by pain or wounds. The way you deal with the pain is much important than the pain itself.

      Decide that you have had enough from that suffering. That’s the first step. You should notice that everyone around you is fine with what they are or maybe pretending so, but you should suppose that everyone is good. You will technically feel that you’ve had enough from this and that you should move on and stop this suffering. 

     Try to make new friends and new hobbies. Maybe try to figure new talents in you. If you are not interested in doing so, then just change you style or make it as simple as changing your smile. Perhaps this will make you smile more often and you will lose a lot of negative energy. If you were an outgoing person who likes to go outdoors a lot, maybe trying changing it up by visiting new places.

      If you are not fine then say that you are not fine. If you are not in the mood to talk then please mention that. If you were mad about something, say it out loud. Even if you wanted to scream just do so; scream.

       In every story, even the victim has a strength point that the evil person fails to face. In your story, if you were the victim and the one who should be apologized to, then check for that one time you felt strong even though you were the victim.

    Focus on your future, for what has happened is in the past and nothing will either change it or reverse it. You should live and look forward on your future.

    Pain was never to make us fall and collapse. Some people built empires from their tears and pains. Some people felt their throne after the most painful experience they have ever had. We all have scars, but the difference is what kind of bandage we use. Either a weak one that will take time until it stops the flood of blood or a strong one that will stop it immediately.