How to Calm Your Anger and Anxiety

Writer: Rawan Elkahky

A problem a lot of us deal with frequently is trouble controlling our anger. Personally speaking, I get angry quickly and easily, and sometimes I lose control. I shout, yell, and sometimes hit things to calm myself down. I swear guys I’m not the hulk. But I feel so sad when I get angry and shout at people who haven’t done anything to me. I just lash out. I recently got so drained about it. I searched for many ways to calm myself down, asked many people for help, and I can say I’ve definitely gotten better. I know I’m not the only one with this problem, and so I’m here to give you a list of effective ways to calm yourself down.


Breathing is the most effective technique for reducing anger fits and anxiety attacks. When you’re angry or anxious, you tend to breathe in quick, shallow breaths. So, when you breathe slowly, it sends a message to your brain, triggering a positive response that calms you down. That’s why taking long, deep breaths helps calm you down.

Listen to music

The next time you feel your anger and anxiety levels peaking, grab your headphones and listen to your favorite tracks. The familiar tunes and sounds help calm you down.

Change your focus

Forget about the situation and leave it, look in another direction, don’t look back, walk out of the room and straight to the outdoors. This helps you make the right decision before you lash out.

Take a walk

Heading outside and away from your cause of anger or stress is the best way to calm down. Head outside and get some fresh air. The temperature and low air circulation in a room only increase your anxiety and anger. So free yourself and stay away from closed areas. Remove yourself from the negative environment.

Just a quick note here, It’s totally normal to feel angry or anxious. I know the feeling sucks and the aftermath is much worse, but if you treat it right, you’ll be just fine. And I hope these tips help you control it as much as possible.