Write a Poem about You That Isn’t True

Writer: Mariam Elsanabary

Editor: Ahmed Ashry

I hate chocolate and I hate you 

I love to wake up early 

I hate writing underneath the moon

Books are words scattered all around 

Music is just noise and I hate how it sounds

Love for me is just a bait

I always come back home late

And just like you know nothing about my life,

Hatred is a beautiful symphony that I play skillfully 

I never forgive anyone

My heart is as dark as the sun 

I am the best sinner 

I am the worst saint

I never dreamed of him before 

I am the best person you will ever meet

Probably the worst person you will come to greet

I have the deepest intellect  

I hate the sunrise 

I am  The funniest person you will ever chat with

I like to stay away from cats

I don’t cherish people at all 

I don't recall people’s faces 

My friends hate me 

And I don't like to act 

My favorite number is three 

So as you can guess I am simple as ever,

you can't call me whenever you like to.

Oh, and one last lie:

I have never loved anyone in my life .