Let Me Love You

Writer: Mariam Elsanabary

Editor: Doaa Saady

“How much do you love me?!”  She asks.

More than the stars you count,

More than every wave that hit the sand,

Oh, and double the colors of the rainbow.

Wider than the vast land,

Higher than the seven skies,

Lower than the depth of earth,

Older than the treasure in the lost ship,

So please come, let’s watch a movie clip.

After all these poetries why don’t you let me in,

Let me see a glimpse of your heart,

I promise I won’t tear it apart.

I always have a playlist for you,

Songs among “let me love you” just for you.

I remember that day by the sea,

I asked you to stick with me,

It’s the only time that I actually saw,

And I won’t even lie, I stared in awe,

At your smile that made me drown,

In madness when you were in that beautiful gown,

Dark eyes that you hate,

And honestly, they were my heart’s bait.

So I will keep fighting till you let me in,

I will fight for you and I will win,

With the greatest prize in-front that sunrise,

A man who won that woman’s heart.