An Artistic Look at Seasonal Change

Writer: Anthony Salandy
Editor: Doaa Saady

Shattered clay and strewn leaves

Do lament on earthen grounds tormented

By winds whose hostility grows rampant,

Swiveling and twirling all round their framing

As they depart their crease

Crunching beneath one’s feet,

Where clouds appear as one breathes-

And hoary rain whispers cool truths

On the downtrodden souls

Of the meek who inherit and inhabit Earth,

In conformity, chants a choir

Of elegant finches and sparrows

In a ravishing land where the vibrant orange rivers mirror a soothing sky,

But torment exists in Perpetual

As restless minds grow consumed

By ethereal worry and phobia,

A season so calm yet so fraught

Where daylight shimmers and wind howls

And nighttime’s gloom becomes vigilant-

Until all rustlings may lay dormant

Amongst arboreal creatures nocturnal

And hoary elements-

That grows ever stronger as a year begins anew.