Love at First Fall

Writer: Mariam Elsanabary

Editor: Khaled Mohamed

It was love at first…fall.  

Well, he was the one that caught me – saying “Clumsy me” – when I fell down the stairs. I concede the fact that he did save me, but I’d be more grateful if he wasn’t the guy that spilled coffee on me this morning. 

This day is going from bad to worse, and what’s up with this guy popping up around every corner!? I pushed him away from me as I processed what’s happening, albeit a little late. 

“I knew you’d fall for me someday.” he winked at me, his full lips twitching into a sly grin; by now you can guess how much of a tease he is. 

“In your dreams.” And I walked away, feeling a pair of eyes on me. 

If you told me that in two weeks we’ll be dating I would’ve laughed and called you insane. 

If you told me that in 2 years we’d be already married and moving into our own home, I would’ve said you’d gone mad.

If you told me that I’ll be carrying our kids someday, I would’ve said it’s ridiculous. 

Utterly ridiculous.