Dear Heartbreak

Guest Writer: Youssef Sabry

Artist: Shams Mohamed

Never thought that it was that special, to look into the starless night and hear your voice drift between my ears and tell me there is more to come. It was kind of funny how I always looked at the sun’s dim light, only to find you smile at its sight and tell me how beautiful it is.

O sky’s blue, what was I thinking…to see your smile amid those tears and think you were lying? Never understood you when I heard you chant “Merry Christmas” as the leaves turned brown…or when you told me how fun it was when we were grounded for our bad behavior. Couldn’t believe you when you told me how great it was when we had our first fight, and still to this day…I think I can’t. What type of world were you painting? I had no idea, but all I was sure of was that I had sight, but I was blind to the heaven lying right in front of me.

As winters passed by with no warmth but our memories, I have to say that I now understand, and I regret not doing so earlier, at least when you were still there. Perhaps life got the best of you and took you away from my…no…our world, but it never took away the beauty your words and lessons carried…the light it shone into every thought in need. Maybe you aren’t here to read this, but…you changed me.

As I look into that same starless night, I could actually see light shining through the horizon, light only you taught me to see. O sky’s blue, for how long am I going to be haunted by how sweet our memories were? Only answer I know…is that your smile hints at forever, a forever I don’t know whether to enjoy or to mourn.