I’m with you | 1-minute read

Writer: Omar Essam

I think that to please all of you, I have to write about what you feel. I need to be inside your heart, not head. 

I picked a feeling that’s best to write about: Grief. 

I never really believed in great sadness or depression until I was very close to it. In the beginning, I was like “How can a person be so sad when there are a million ways you can be happy?!” but it then turned into “Wow, I never thought I’d get here!”

I know that you’re hurt inside. I am too. And I know that you don’t show it. Neither do I. 

I won’t tell you to talk to someone close to you or anything because I know you won’t listen. I know your scar is a lot more visible than a chat with your best friend. All I want to say is, I am with you. I feel you without you talking. I know that you’re not feeling well. But to get over this, YOU have to be with you. You need to confront all your miseries. You are the only person that strong. Dive into your sub-conscience. Crucify every single bad thought in there. And when you’re done, you’ll be free. Just take the first step. You’re a gem. Both on the inside and the outside. Don’t let some old dust break you. You got this, I believe in you.

-With love, your heart-reacher.