Honest Review: The Sandman

Written By Jana Shaheen

Edited By Ahmed Ashry

Graphic Designed By Maram Mohammed

An honest review of Netflix’s new “The Sandman” show
Even though Netflix’s occasional rom-com flops and its habit of constantly cancelling good shows have agitated its users, most viewers were glad to see an interesting show produced by Netflix: The Sandman. Many think that the show deserves a place among legendary hit shows such as Stranger Things, The Umbrella Academy, and more!

Netflix’s new show “The Sandman” gives the story of an iconic character who was scattered across many movies, stories, and comic books. Netflix made an entire show dedicated to the story of The Sandman and his adventures with other powerful beings. However, before we delve into this review, here’s a little clarification on who the Sandman is.

The Sandman is a mythical character whose sole purpose is to control people’s dreams, nightmares, and sleep in general. He’s known for having “magical sand”, a substance that puts people to sleep and sends away nightmares. Now, in this show, our modern-day Sandman can only conduct this job using his 3 equipment: the Sand, the Ruby, and the Helmet. He loses them because of a misfortunate event and embarks on a journey to retrieve them.

With no doubt at all, watching The Sandman was extremely enjoyable and fascinating! The amount of effort put into the visuals and effects itself is more than impressive. It makes you want to pause the episode for a few minutes just to stare at how well-detailed the fantasy worlds and the characters were. (Or at least I know I did.)

Yet what makes it take the cake is the fact that The Sandman has all your favorite mythical characters and legends. Lucifer? The fates? Demigods? The Endless? The Constantine family? All of those beloved characters from all different worlds are included in the series with intriguing roles. It’s basically like getting all your favorite food on one plate, so it took The Sandman to a WHOLE other level.

Not to mention that so many iconic actors played the roles. Remember Remus Lupin from Harry Potter? His actor David Thewlis has a twisted role in this series that I was honestly obsessed with.

Of course, the plot idea was creative and kept me hooked until the very last episode. Don’t even get me started on the plot twists. THE PLOT TWISTS!!
Every good and evil character had their “wow” moments and I had new favorites by the show’s end. They dive into the complex mindsets of villains and heroes in a new and dark way and there were quite a few intriguing monologues said by the characters that just bring you a recent existential crisis.

Still, like any other series, it got a bit slow sometimes and even confusing as they drag on a few unnecessary scenes for too long.
As a fantasy fan, I loved this show and I think it’s one of the best projects Netflix had produced by far! I would highly recommend it to anyone who’s both bored and looking for something to spice up their last month of summer break. Personally, it’s an 8/10.

Now let’s just keep our fingers crossed that Netflix doesn’t try to cancel it or shove yet again another cringe-worthy show in our lives.