TV Show Review Formula 1: Drive to Survive

Writer: Raghed Hamza

Editor: Doaa Saady

Formula 1 is one of the most intense sports out there, and it has a huge fan-base with young and old viewers alike.  Documenting a season of this sport is a recipe for a genuine masterpiece, and that is exactly what happened when Netflix decided to document the 2018 season and release it as Formula 1: Drive to Survive. Drive to Survive combines the intensity of the sport with modern cinema, creating a surreal experience that connects the viewer ever closer to the sport.

​Formula 1 is a Motorsport consisting of 10 teams, including Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz and McLaren, each with 2 cars on the grid. From March till December, the teams travel around the globe to 21 destinations, and host a Grand Prix over a weekend, and thus, many have referred to Formula 1 as a “traveling circus”. Drive to Survive delves into the inner-workings of the sport, documenting the 20 drivers’ feelings and behind-the-scenes dealings. Everything, from the driver transfer market, to the team meetings is covered, allowing fans to indulge in content that was previously hidden.

Formula 1: Drive to Survive is also a great way for new fans to get into the sport, as viewers are introduced to the teams and their drivers, get a rough idea of the rules, and get the ability to learn more about each driver’s mentality and background. For example, in episode 1, the very first race of the season, the Australian Grand Prix, is showcased alongside Australian driver Daniel Ricciardo. Viewers get to see Ricciardo’s emotions and feelings about racing in his home country, while also showing us the disappointing end the race comes to for Ricciardo.

Formula 1: Drive to survive is the perfect TV Show to binge-watch right now, as its’s readily available on Netflix and will introduce you to the worldwide sport and its elements.