Our Favorite Potato: Mohammed Tarek

Writer: Nada El Nady

As I scroll through my Instagram feed, I stumble upon Mohammed Tarek’s all-too-familiar weekly Instagram video, and I couldn’t hold the laughter that bubbled up inside me per usual. I suddenly felt the heat of the light bulb shining above my head; I thought ‘what if I do myself and you guys a favour by trying to learn more about our most favorite potato?’ In the beginning, I lost hope of actually sparking his attention, but after two to three weeks of secretly spamming him every chance I got, I finally succeeded.

The interview started off with me asking him about how he started his career as an extremely famous YouTuber and influencer.

“I always loved acting like a fool to make humans laugh or smile or get out of whatever mood they’re in for at least a minute; the easiest way to do so was through social media, which helps me manage to gain an amazing audience who relate to what I go through every day.”

One of the numerous things I learned during this interview is that Mohammed Tarek turned out to be an extremely compassionate human whose sole purpose is drawing a smile upon others’ faces, which wasn’t really surprising though. When I had asked him about how he would introduce himself, as in, “If I asked you who is Mohammed Tarek, what would your reply be?”, he replied saying that, “Mohammed Tarek is a very caring human who would take bullets for people. He may go through a lot, but he always gets up to keep pushing until he reaches the dream he wants to achieve one day.” This is one of the many reasons why most of us teens, and even adults, actually consider him as a perfect role model of ours, one of the greatest influencers of our generation.

Mohammed Tarek studies dentistry, his fourth year, and surprisingly, time management doesn’t serve as an obstacle in front of neither his studies nor his career path.

“I don’t know how to manage time… all I know is that I have a dream to achieve and if I don’t work on it today, I won’t work on it any other day.”

He was actually pretty surprised that he gets noticed in college, and he elaborated on the matter saying that, “Because never in a million years did I think that people would stop me and ask for pictures.”

Mohammed Tarek started his YouTube video-making by creating a character that became one of our favourites of all time -drum rolls- Nurhane, the fashionista.

“I was so inspired by how much of an impact those fashion bloggers have on people and I was like, “What if there’s a fashion blogger who doesn’t know what she’s doing with her life, but she’s so confident and sure of her tips and fashion knowledge… wait that’s funny I’ll actually do that.”

Turns out though, being an influencer wasn’t a goal that he strived to achieve or an ambition that he worked to reach.

“No actually, all I thought of when I started was to make funny, weird videos that a small audience will relate to.”

Regardless of the amount of love he receives, just like all other influencers, celebrities, fashion bloggers, etc., Mohammed receives daily hate comments/messages, “very negative mean ‘shatayem’”.

When I asked how he deals with it though, he said that he doesn’t deal with it and that they don’t affect him in the slightest. I guessed that the amount of love and support he receives drowns out all the hate.

“Absolutely. I have the best supporting system from friends, family, and definitely the amazing potatoes who watch and support my videos.” He believes that the atmosphere he grew up in somehow influenced the decisions he pursued later. He says that if I had told him three years ago that he’d become a famous YouTuber/influencer with more than 500K followers on his Instagram account, he would’ve replied saying, “Yalhwyyy, that’s a big responsibility.” Couldn’t agree more.

Mohammed considered the next and last question the hardest I have asked during the entire interview. When I asked him what his favourite kind of food is (we all know how Mohammed Tarek has a strong relationship with food). He replied:

“I don’t have a specific favourite kind of food. I just love food.”.

I mean, who doesn’t?

In the end, I’d like to say that I am so honoured to have actually gotten the chance to interview such a compassionate and ambitious human being and I’d like to thank Mohammed Tarek so much for allowing me to interview him. It was an amazing experience where I got to know more about him and provide you guys with more information regarding his journey towards becoming a YouTuber, one of the most common influencers of our generation, and last but not least, our favourite potato.