Finding What Works and Ourselves with Retro_Cairo

Written By Mostafa Hanno

Edited By Duha Hegazy

Graphic Designed By Maram Mohammed

With life proving to have its “Ways”, it’s pretty difficult to find direction. The tide of life takes us on quite unpredictable paths, and at times it is hard to get a grasp of what we need to do; but here at Milkyway, we would like to give our readers consolation. In that resilience, freedom, and success come from knowing what to care about, and finding your area. Struggles are easier when you have a passion, something that wonc you over and has helped you strive for the stars with a smile on your face. A pure example of where your passions can take you is in the story of Retro_Cairo, with Mariam, one of our favorite young entrepreneurs, who used her passion for all things vintage, and those marvelous Retro vibes to spearhead her brand into what it is today. A truly unique selection in today’s environment, with awe-inspiring products, and a story we can all learn from.

Retro_Cairo’s ORIGINS:

Mariam, 28, ADORES everything vintage, and it’s been like this for a while. With her favorite hobby being that of collecting vintage items, and growing her collection grew with new, or in this case older vintage Gems of pieces and brands that she loved. Growing her beloved collection through the years and throughout her travels, Mariam always found great pieces for her collection, and built a collection that she could be proud of. After a while, a thought came up; why not garner my Friends’ vintage items? And even reach out to the rest of Egypt, and so on. Thus, birthing Retro_Cairo in 2018. Over time, and through trials and tribulations that come with any project, Retro Cairo grew, and we can feel that passion Mariam puts into it. Lately, Retro Cairo started production of their very own products! Inspired by our favorite memories and familial classic childhood items, the sort of looks you would find on a beautiful painting or carpet that you could call timeless. The future is beyond bright for Retro_Cairo, and we feel Mariam’s excitement and can tell that Retro_Cairo is just getting started!

Advice for all young people eager to start something:

People overestimate what they can do in a year’s time, they have it all figured out in that short amount of time. However, people underestimate what you can do through years of trial and error, working, and even failing; especially all the young people who have all the time in the world.
Mariam’s words of encouragement for all young eager entrepreneurs, “You must love what you do, you need to have a deep passion for what you do. My passion for vintage items is what kept me going through the difficult times. And most importantly, find your own passion, it will probably take a while, but don’t let the countless failures in finding your passion discourage you, because you need to find your strong suit that you will stand out in!”

It’s quite refreshing seeing someone so reeled into the things they love.The effort you put into building your passion into something bigger will lead to something amazing, and more importantly one that you could be proud of. Whether a business, a hobby you want to take seriously, or maybe you haven’t even found that which you love, with time you’ll find your best traits.

Retro_Cairo and Milkywaymagazine would advise all to never back down from expressing what they truly love.

You Can find Retro_Cairo on Instagram @Retro_Cairo and find their marvelous products through their website.