Interview: Omar El Moogy

Writer: Nayirah Salem

Omar Elmoogy is one of the very interesting, different personalities you can meet. He is creative, smart and is beyond

willing to help others. I decided to quickly have a chat with him, and honestly I was beyond pleased by how friendly he really was.

Q1) What pushed you to become a YouTuber?

Honestly, I don’t really know. I can’t find a particular reason that pushed me to become one. The thing is, I have done a video and then I found a very visible interaction from the people towards the video. So, I thought of turning that video into a series.

Q2) How did you come upon the idea of V-mix?

To be honest, I also don’t know. I wanted to do something new and more creative than the usual reaction videos on YouTube. I also thought that the video should be more creative than to simple direct criticism, so that people can enjoy it. A simple change in the routine.

Q3) Is being close to Mohab Shady and other several YouTubers made you think about being in this career?

No, we are best friends, and when we hang out together we interact normally. We don’t talk about anything regarding YouTube or our channels; we even often we get surprised that one of us had dropped a video.

Q4) If you wish to have another talent; what would it be?

I will still wish for the talent of direction, because I see it absolutely wonderful and interesting plus it is what suits me.

Q5) Do you accept criticism?

Of course I do, no one is perfect and we all should accept opinions, especially those in my field. I do accept criticism as long as it makes sense and as long as it is said respectfully. However, some people criticize randomly which doesn’t make any sense which I am not a fan of.

Q6) Do you like answering the messages you receive from your followers because you like to socialize, or because you like to know what others think of you?

I try my best to answer all the messages I receive while I am online.

Q7) If someone asked you to help him or her in directing a short film for example, with limited resources, and with no funding, would you agree?

Totally! I have already done that several times before. I have done this to my friends a lot and to people who had interesting ideas in mind and a creative way of thinking. I don’t really look for money, because I didn’t get into this career for its money. I always think of the content I present to people first and how to make them enjoy.

Q8) Where do you study?

I am in my last year of Engineering, at October University.

 Q9) When was the last time you felt broken?

High School