Guest writer: Ratwa Nusair

Editor: Doaa Saady

“Life and what it beholds could be very magnifying.”

I hear echoes of my voice as I stand still in front of my reflected replica.
I wonder how beautifully my atoms are built as I’m bewildered into the maze of awe.
Everything around me gives me the audacity to suppress the rage of flowing away.
I float into the memories of agony as I am coaxed to what made me collapse back to reality.
I smell the burning toast from downstairs as I bounce with joy and gesture my mom with a softened cheek kiss.
I rush off to school as I am conceited that I am a mentor of my own ceased brain.

As I raise my head high and wear off my very best confidence, I feel nothing but superiority colliding through the narrowness of every intimate part inherited by me.
Days pass by and I am clutched onto tied knots of melodramatic visions, those knots that allow my breathing to never deteriorate despite the tightness of my complex veins.
My heart is magnetized to the aorta, pumping blood that gives me the truest essence of life, yet it feels nothing but the numbness that had accompanied it for years and years.
Given from my mom was a rose that should be worn on the right corner of my tied ponytail.
Believing that in no doubts it will certainly embrace a mark of my very own bravery.
As the sun shone into reflection, I was allured by how my hair exquisitely brightened cores of my shallow corners.
With a chin too wide and deep jaw lines, I deeply fell in love with the poetry perplexed amongst those hidden scars.
Cocooned by the savory of my caged words, I now entitle myself as the forsaken sea of miseries.
Dramatized by my thoughts, I crumble down as a floating pigeon on the surface of a pond.
I wonder if this is what silence and serenity feels like when life is at rest and peace.
I close my eyes and sink into the bottom end of the ocean’s hidden secrets.
I nurture my brain with tranquility as the waves break this bond sequentially.
I ooze back in shock as I am electrified with the breeze of cold escaping through my window opening.
I’m struck in amazement by how quickly everything oscillated.
I stood courageously facing the view from the porch of my balcony.
And so, I let every feeling submerse within my soul fixating the unknown boundaries of my deepest acquisition.