Guest writer: Ranna Elmishtawy

Editor: Doaa Saady

You can’t promise people a lifetime of happiness.
You can’t promise people forever.
You can’t promise people a lifetime of friendship.
You can’t promise people you won’t leave.
Promises are nothing but words you just say to make the other person happy or comfortable. Before you make a promise, you must be absolutely sure that you’re going to stick to it.
Sometimes life makes everything change. Life transforms people into just periods in each other’s lives. Your old best friends never wanted to leave and you never wanted them to. You wish that your current best friends would be lifetime ones and only death can do you apart, but also life could tear you down, or they can wake up with different feelings. Maybe you can feel like it’s not your place anymore, or you might feel replaced, or you, yourself, might replace them with new friends.
Have you ever seen a person who changed exactly to the person they promised they won’t be? Day after day, watching them change while you ignore the signs, but when it reaches a point where you can’t ignore them anymore, you decide to leave, even if they didn’t mean to, but it got you there.
So here you are. You can’t promise people a lifetime of happiness and forever. You can’t promise people things you can’t keep or you can’t have.