Forever and Always

Guest Writer: Shahi

Editor: Abdulelah

Forever and always.

Can you imagine? Can you imagine that your picture is someone’s phone wallpaper? That someone zooms into your eyes and lips until they fall asleep? That someone talks to you imaginarily just so they could practice talking to you when it comes to real life? Can you imagine that someone stares at your hair in the sunlight and wonders how could God create such dazzling golden sunrays, swaying as they come out from the masterpiece that’s your mind? Can you imagine that someone recalls your laughter in their ears just to make them calm and remove the frown from their face? Can you imagine that when you look at the stars, someone else is looking at them too and wishes they could bring them and offer them to you because you’re their whole universe , and your natural beauty’s glow is more attractive than any celestial body in the eternity of galaxies? Can you imagine that while you are thinking of all the fun things you want to do, all the wondrous places you want to visit, someone is planning too? Can you imagine someone including you in their vision of their future , in every single detail?

You may not be something special to everyone, but to one exact person , you are everything , everything they wanted , everything they dreamt of . You are their whole universe , so you need to linger near and wait a little longer. So no matter how many valentine’s pass by , stay single until you find the one, and spend that day celebrating your love for yourself, your love for your flaws, your undeniable sense of humor ,and the magnificent way your mind works. We can never truly love anyone until we completely love ourselves, and we can never receive love when we’re insecure about our feelings towards our very own selves.
I hope this valentine’s is different for you, you still deserve the roses and chocolates of last year ,but the sender won’t be anonymous anymore; the sender will whether be someone who is not shy to show you how they feel towards you or how far they are willing to go for your happiness , or it’s going to be you , paying some delivery guy to put them at your door step and act surprised because you need the self-loving pampering . I hope you find someone who loves you to the core this valentine’s, even if that person is you ; because you deserve nothing less than someone who loves your utter existence , someone who would literally die for you in a heartbeat, someone who’ll continue loving you with passion . Forever and always.