Bedtime Stories

Guest writer: Youssef Karam Eldin

Editor: Khaled Mohamed

You used to listen to them when you were younger, but now you tell them to yourself after a long day, good or bad. After spending hours in transportation, after catching up with your friends, playing some cards or smoking or whatever, you return home to sleep, thinking that your day has ended. Now you’ve got yourself a different bedtime story every single day, and this is where all the fun begins.

Every single one of us has his own journeys and hardships, but we all share that one experience. The one where we think about and feel our lives intensely just before we go to sleep, as if we’re listening to a bedtime story. We run around here and there during the day, but the real deal is waiting for you on your pillow when you start facing your thoughts, in the same place you should rest. Ironic, isn’t it?

Sometimes you’re so desperate that you start recalling good memories and words that once brought joy to your soul, putting aside all your bad experiences with that person, and all the bad days you had because of that person. And then you decide to work things out no matter what, because you want to make memories like that happen again. Now let me remind you that you’re just desperate, my friend! Yes, that image of you two together again looks very appealing, but I bet you won’t still feel the same when you wake up.

Sometimes you’re so dreamy and full of power and positivity. You start making some good choices and decide to make things right. You start seeing the world around you in a different light, like when you realize that some things and people weren’t meant to be yours from the very beginning. Or when you decide to finally make peace with some others you have trouble with.

There are so many stories in our minds, the good, the bad, the desperate, and the encouraging. Just remind yourself every day that you’re a survivor. You survive every day and defeat your bad thoughts, and you must give yourself some credit for that. Never surrender to a bad feeling or story. We live to fight another day.