Delirious Daydreams

Writer: Anonymous

Sometimes I catch my old self peaking around the corner, like a game of hide and seek. I reach for her dubiously but she doesn’t seem to sense my presence. She looks innocently peaceful playing with the dark golden strands of her hair and laughing soundly into the air. Her agonizingly true grin vertebrates into the surroundings and transforms the cold chilly walls into blooming sunflowers and green grass. Her beautiful, curled locks scatter across the field and the sun smiles upon her lightly-fair skin and gently kisses it. She shyly covers her face and laughs some more. Everything else seems to fade when she’s around, not necessarily by her accomplishing something, but by simply breathing….
I snap back from my delirious daydream into consciousness when my dad taps my shoulder. “Are you okay? You’ve been standing there motionless for quite some time.” he says as he looks at me piercingly (in a good way). “I’m ok daddy.” I ponder deeply as I fix my headscarf strangely…strangely as I feel my heart in my mouth about to spill everything that’s piled up over the last few years. I gather myself and assure him, “Do not worry about me.”
“What happened to your heart now?” A voice resonates in my mind.