Beautiful Toxicity

Guest writer: anonymous

“How selfish? That laugh of hers that he thought was too loud when she was
his, he now thinks is music to the ear. He thought the way her hips sway
when she walks was vulgar, but now he thinks it’s the most feminine
attribute of her body. Her hair that he thought was too wild, he can now
just dream of having it tickle his face just one more time. The wrinkles
near her eyes that appeared when she smiled, “They make you look old,” he
used to say, now he thinks are evidence of her happiness that he once took
away. When she was his, he tore her down and made her pillow never miss her
tears. He thought she was just another girl. Now he thinks she’s an angel
in a human body. That body of hers that he once made her insecure about,
now he thinks is a beautifully sculpted attire worn elegantly over a
radiant soul. When she was his, he cracked her heart and it reflected on
her eyes. He criticized every aspect and action of hers. Everyone knew how
toxic he was to her but the angel she is was blinded and drunk over the
cheap wine called ‘his love’. He said he loved her when all he knows how to
do is hate. She thought the good of him was a bonus while he thought her
flaws weren’t his responsibility. She has never done enough bad to deserve
him as a punishment and he has never done enough good to deserve her as a
reward. He proved the fact that no one gets what they deserve. When she
left him it wasn’t because she couldn’t handle the bad in him, it was
because she finally felt the good in herself. However, she’s not one to
regret, so she’ll admire his filthy way of making her realize her worth.
Now she’ll forever know that no one changes for another. Even if they do,
the darkness will always be there when the light fades away.”