A Colonizing Dark Creature

Guest writer: Yasmin Nabil

Editor: Maram Mohamed

Ever felt that little dark creature colonizing your mind? Yes, yes, the one who screams:
“You’re unloved, lonely, fat and ugly”
“You’re socially awkward”
“You’ll never make it”
“You’re always a second choice”
“Your sensitivity is annoying”
“You are not enough”
and the list goes on… This creature is sabotaging; it ruins relationships, social life, career, health, and most importantly it ruins YOU.
It is identified with a plethora of scientific names, depression in particular. It’s more like a person living inside you making you believe that you’re worthless and incapable of doing anything in your life – literally nothing and that includes smiling.
It is also known as anxiety. This person is feeding your brain with more than it can actually take. It is powerful enough to make you make up hundreds of questions in a minute! Are you guilty of …? Are you the reason everything is falling apart? Why are you even alive?
This creature lives almost within each and every one of us. Some are lucky enough to hold the reins and let go of those dispiriting thoughts, while unfortunately others can’t.
Conclusively, please understand that you will never know what others are facing daily.
You will never know how their life is going on or understand the pain they’re dealing with or the insecurity that’s controlling their lives. You will never know.
Unless people will start walking around with labels on their foreheads that says “I’m not okay”, “I lost my job”, or “I failed an exam”, you will never know anything anyone around you is going through.
Consequently, as cliché as this might sound, you should ALWAYS be kind to everyone.
Your words have an indescribable value; they might raise someone’s spirits or shatter the person as a whole.
I’m not asking you to be a saint, I’m just asking you to practice the basic aspects of humanity.
‎” كن طيب القلب تهواك القلوب”