Who Are You?

Writer: Nayirah Salem
Editor: Khaled Mohamed

Did the question “who are you?” ever bounce into your head when you meet someone new? Of course it had. Have you ever thought about when this question is answered? It’s never answered by the name, or from which country or region this person had come. It’s based on how this person reacts to certain stuff. Most people believe that defining someone is not just based on that person’s name, age, school, job, etc. it’s also based on how this person takes things into consideration. The things that define your real personality are just your manners and beliefs. Knowing someone’s name or job won’t tell you whether or not that person is good.  Let me negotiate some points that seem to really define who the person is and answers the question “Who are you?”. 

               1- Whether they defend you or not.

The first thing that defines any person you are dealing with is his or her attitude towards you. If you fell into a big problem knowing in which no one has your back and suddenly you found that person helping you out, then you truly know what kind of person that is. I guess that even being unaware of that person’s name won’t affect your impression about them after having your back. 

         2- Whether they value honesty over kindness. 

If they like someone to be kind to them and compliment them over everything they do even if it was wrong then simply LEAVE. Of course, we all love the people who are kind to us, but when we deserve kindness only. Being honest with people over their wrong and right actions makes life way easier.  I can kindly compliment someone over something right they did; yet, I can give my totally honest opinion about something that felt a bit nonsense. So if this person doesn’t like my honesty, this will summarize for me a large part of his personality.

         3- Whether they like being around you or not

Some people are nice but dull (or worse yet, judgmental). If they like being around you and they like having fun without judging or turning dull in the middle of the day this also defines how kind they are and whether or not they can handle you. 

        You might find someone who has none of these points above but is still nice and beautiful; you will find other things rather than names and jobs that define how beautiful their personality is. What gives a person their real definition are the things that he owns by choice not by chance.