Vulnerably Aesthetic

A/N: Sometimes you feel out of track, power, and hope. You keep underestimating yourself thinking why you are not enough. Little do you know, we are all in one track. We all feel down, sad, and sometimes depressed. Yet, I do believe we can stand up again if we changed our ” emotional mindset”.


We don’t know if you guys remember the book we shared with you all a while back called ” Tighten the Most” by Fayrouz Tamer. If you didn’t check it out and you’re interested , click here to check it out.

Anyway, Fayrouz dropped a new book “Vulnerably Aesthetic” a while back and reached out to us. We love supporting writers like her who are persistent on providing new content and are working so hard on themselves. So, We had to share it with you guys. We think she did great and deserves all the support she can get. We will add the link to the PDF version of her book as well as the Wattpad one. ( All the wattpad lovers out there, we got you)


Here is the PDF Link:

PDF Version

Here is the Wattpad Link: