Ultimate Guide: Summer Packing

Writer: Hagar Ezzo

Editor: Duha

Finals season is just around the corner  – or maybe you’ve already finished, like me! Nevertheless, we’re all thinking about one thing and one thing only – summer vacation. Whether you plan on travelling abroad, hitting the North Coast, or maybe some other dream destination such as Dahab or Gouna, your suitcase is going to be your plus one. Some of us are last minute packers, while some have our bags ready days in advance. But, no matter when you decide to pack, you always end up forgetting something. Not this summer though! Here’s a list of things to pack that you didn’t really know you needed.

Tanning Oil/Sunscreen

Love it or hate it, the sun’s out and you should take advantage of it. If you want that glowy bronzed look, don’t forget that tanning oil! Or, if your skin burns or you’re just not a fan of the sun – be sure to grab sunscreen! If you’re like me, bring both.


This may seem like a weird one on this list, but you never know when the power may go out or your stove stops working. It’s definitely happened to me before, so bring your matches!

Portable Speaker

A portable bluetooth speaker is a must have for vacation! Chilling at home or on the beach, vibing to music is always a good idea.

Beach Games/Pool Floaties

I have to admit, whenever I see a family bring out pool floaties for their kids, I get super jealous. Not this summer though! I’m packing my own. Pool floaties aren’t your thing? Grab a couple beach games then! Toss and Catch Ball, Frisbee, or even just a volleyball.

Sewing Kit

Spontaneous wardrobe malfunction? It happens to the best of us. But fear not! Always have a couple colours of thread on hand (black and white are probably your safest options) along with some sewing needles. It’s a lifesaver!


Also a super helpful thing, batteries are always a necessity no matter where you go. You never really think about them, but as soon as a remote stops working, everyone looks for batteries!

First Aid Kit/Medicine

Somehow, I always end up with some sort of cut or bruise at the beach and I have to rush to the pharmacy. No bandaids, no medicine, just some random ointment is all I find. I’m learning from my mistakes this time and I’m packing a first aid kit. You should too! Painkillers, muscle gel, vitamins, cold medicine, bring the entire pharmacy.

I know most of the items listed here aren’t the conventional things you’d think of bringing on vacation – but that’s the point of this whole list! It’s better to be prepared for anything that could happen than not know what to do. Stay safe and stay happy during your travels, everyone!